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Our Partnership with Near By to map Shropshire's Good Food Producers

At SGFP we're always being asked "Is there a directory of local food producers?" 

We've always dreamed of developing the right tool to showcase the members who share our 'Good Food' values and signpost people to buy from them directly, but as a CIC with a very small team it's been tricky to make it happen. 

When we saw 'Near By'  pop up in our feed a little while ago it really resonated with the aims that we have at SGFP to link the incredible abundance of our landscape and its food producers with customers, restaurants and retailers.We started to chat to Kate Todd, the Founder of Near By, about her directory and mapping tool and how it can support our members and bridge our 'map-gap'. 

This isn't the same as the Shropshire Good Food Trail , which is our annual celebration of our producers, but rather a perennial directory.

So we've decided to join forces. This is an opportunity for SGFP members to increase the visibility of our businesses on a directory and map, as well as share the stories and values that make our work unique.

Register with Near By and let's fill in the map with Shropshire's Good Food producers so that everyone can see the richness of our landscape. It's free. It's up and running and it boasts a beautiful and functional design.

More about Kate and the creation of Near By

Supporting local producers was drummed into Kate, the founder of Near-By, from a very young age. Born and bred on the Cumbrian coast it was just what you did. Why buy beef, fish or veg from miles way when you had some of the best producers providing just that down the road from you!  

Kate has therefore created Near-By, an online local sourcing platform, to help connect consumers who are interested in finding more locally produced food, drink and other local goods with the best farmers, growers and makers in their local area.


This is done through the simple, searchable Near-By online directory. Think of it as library of local producers! Customers can either browse a map of listings or search the directory by type of producer or via key words they are looking for.


Near-By is new and growing quickly. Kate is putting her 3 decades of marketing experience to good use recruiting consumers to Near-By through online marketing campaigns as well as commissioning articles and features from journalists and local experts who are sharing their knowledge about local producers like yourselves. 


If you would like to join the Near-By directory please email Kate at and she will send you joining instructions and help you get your business set up on it. 

It won’t cost you anything to join! Kate’s financing this in other ways as she is aware how tight your margins are the moment!  

We really encourage our members to sign up - If everyone registers then we have a detailed resource that we can share with visitors and locals alike - that's invaluable.

By working with Kate at Near By, we feel that our members can really be put 'on the map' and share their stories in a way that celebrates their connection to the landscape and Shropshire's agricultural heritage.


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