Organic Beetroots

Grow Local 

We will provide a coordination and support hub for people who are championing local growing in their communities. There are inspiring initiatives across the county, at all stages from conception to scaling up, ranging from community-supported agriculture schemes to street allotments. 



Create a Go To Hub for access to land, skills, resources and markets. We will provide practical advice and links to opportunities, helping both new and existing producers and promoting community growing.

As a partnership we will:



Share knowledge, innovation and inspiration on agroecology, promoting local seed diversity and practices to improve soil quality and increase the nutritional value of produce.

Black Soil
Community Garden



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Connect growers, facilitating peer learning events to bring people together and enabling sharing and ongoing information exchange through our SGFP Local Growers Facebook page.



Launch a Veg Patch Match initiative to bring gardens, growers and generations together. This will link people who have a garden that they can’t cultivate with people who are keen to grow food.

Family Garden



Secure and manage funds to invest in local initiatives so that people on the ground can focus on what they do best, and the partnership can bring together small-scale projects to benefit from economies of scale in resource access and management.