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What's the Good Food Movement?

The Good Food Movement is an initiative launched by the Sustainable Food Places network.

It advocates for "a shift towards healthier and more sustainable food as part of a growing movement of active food citizenship."


We at SGFP want to empower you and every individual in Shropshire to start small and build up: little changes made by many add up to create something great.  

Those first steps might look different to everyone:

a new recipe using seasonal veg, getting to know your local farmer, buying organic or fairtrade... or even starting a community garden or coordinating volunteers for Meals on Wheels. There are infinite ways to shift out of the status quo and launch into the Good Food Revolution!

Whatever your Good Food Movement looks like, we're here to inspire, support and build momentum. 

Join us by becoming a SGFP member and we'll keep you up to date on the amazing initiatives and opportunities happening across the county that are changing our food system.

Tag @shropshiregoodfood #goodfoodmovement

to show us how you're changing the game.

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