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In the Press: Shropshire Good Food Partnership wins £100k grant to create a Schools Food Web across Shropshire,Telford & Wrekin

Shropshire Good Food Partnership is one of just five organisations across the UK that will receive £100,000 to boost green measures and reduce carbon emissions in schools.

Shropshire Good Food Partnership will use the £100,000 grant over the coming year to demonstrate how the school food system can contribute towards school decarbonisation, build food resilience and increase access to nutritious, healthy food for all.

Jenny Rouquette of the Shropshire Good Food Partnership says:

"We are really excited to be involved in this project. The Zero Carbon Fund will allow us to really look at the whole school food system, how it can contribute towards decarbonisation, building food resilience and increase access to healthy, nutritious food for all.

“Through growing, local procurement, cooking, eating, taste testing, the discovery of low carbon foods and minimising food waste in schools, we hope to empower food citizens for the future. We look forward to celebrating the impact the Schools Food Web will have. Schools across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin will receive an email in the coming week but can also contact us directly for more information”.

The announcement by Let’s Go Zero – the campaign uniting schools across the UK to be zero carbon by 2030 – comes as schools are being given a higher focus by policymakers for being ‘the change we want to see’ in communities finding ways to be more energy efficient, nature-friendly and on the road to zero carbon.

Alex Green of Let’s Go Zero says:

“Through this Zero Carbon Fund we have discovered some really bold and innovative projects that will help schools implement exciting and impactful solutions which bring about longstanding change in educational settings. We are delighted that the Shropshire Good Food Partnership is among the five brilliant winners.

“We’re incredibly excited to see what sort of changes will be made over the next year by each of the five winners to help schools make great strides in their journey to being zero carbon.”

Let’s Go Zero’s ‘Zero Carbon Fund’ is a one-off fund to help these winning initiatives scale up their innovative work with schools as quickly as possible.

Other winners include:

Eco-Schools: Count Your Carbon Playground;

Retrofit Action For Tomorrow: RAFT

Zero Carbon Action Builder: Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK): Fund The Future, Teach The Future; and

Brighton & Hove City Council: Our Schools Our World

All schools in the UK can join Let’s Go Zero here:

1. Shropshire Good Food Partnership Contact: Emma Cantillion- Schools Food Web Project Mob: 07814 100330

2. Let’s Go Zero Press enquiries: Mob: 07950 953004 or

Mob: 07494 339985 X/Twitter: @LetsGo_Zero

Alex Green, Head of Let’s Go Zero is available for interview.

3. Let’s Go Zero is the national campaign for all UK schools, colleges and nurseries to be zero carbon by 2030. It supports schools, councils and community groups to deliver inclusive solutions for a zero-carbon school estate. These changes bring better health and wellbeing, an improved curriculum and job prospects, greater efficiencies and lower costs in running schools, increased funding, a boost to local economies, and access to nature, as well as lower emissions.  Let’s Go Zero is working with the UK Department for Education to ensure policy change happens to support schools to become zero carbon See the Let’s Go Zero Policy Asks.

4. The Let’s Go Zero campaign is coordinated by climate solutions charity Ashden and supported by a coalition, including Global Action Plan, WWF, Fairtrade, Eco-Schools, Sustrans, Carbon Trust, Soil Association, the Tree Council, WRAP, Young People's Trust for the Environment, Green Schools Project, Energy Sparks, Plastic Free Schools, ProVeg, Young Climate Warriors. Let’s Go Zero is also supported by the National Education Union, the Association of Colleges, the National Governance Association, the Church of England and the Confederated Schools Trust and 35 councils in the UK. Funders include Green Future Investments Limited, OVO Foundation and IKEA. There are now more than 2,900 schools, colleges and nurseries around the UK signed up to the Let’s Go Zero campaign - see map of schools.


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