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The Shropshire Good Food Trail & Good Food Directory

Shropshire Good Food Trail 2023 Logo.webp

The 2023 Shropshire Good Food Trail ran from June 24th to July 9th.


Thank you to all those who joined our celebration of Good Food across Shropshire!

This was a huge leap forward for the Shropshire Good Food Partnership and we are SO PROUD of all of our members, teams and coordinators who made it happen. We’re already looking ahead to how we can make it bigger and better in 2024, with even more members and more visitors drawn to our amazing food.

The goal was to boost our local food economy by showcasing the most sustainable and nature-friendly food producers, makers, sellers and servers across the county.

We’ve got something truly special right on our doorstop. We all know the food system has to change for us to create the planet we want - by shopping locally and supporting Good Food, you’re part of our movement for a Shropshire that is Healthy, Sustainable and Fair.

Don’t forget that the details of the food trail will remain on the Shropshire Good Food Trail website - we’ll keep adding to the directory so that you’ll always have a resource for finding Good Food producers in your area!


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