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Reducing Food Waste

To create a sustainable food system we must address the issue of food waste. More than a third of all food produced is wasted and 70% of food waste happens in our homes. Tackling food waste is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gases[10]. Partnership across the supply chain can reduce food waste and help people value food. We will:



Facilitate collaboration between suppliers and communities to get surplus food into use, building on existing models for gleaning of agricultural surplus and community redistribution.


Challenge people to reduce food waste in the home. Support peer-to-peer campaigns to increase food know-how, especially understanding food dates, storage and loving left-overs, and promote food sharing.

Mason jars


Change attitudes towards food, away from seeing it as a commodity to creating a culture where food is valued.


Promote circular economies. Recognize and encourage the successes of local producers, processors and retailers in reducing food waste.

Food Fair
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