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Healthy food for all

Everyone should have access to local, affordable quality food and the knowledge and skills to cook good food. We are closely aligned to Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance (SFPA), a multi-agency partnership, which leads on actions to tackle food poverty in the county.

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Join the Healthy Food For All working group 

With the help of key organisations and projects, we’d like to work together to map the work already going on in the county to increase access to good food and explore the ways we can maximise the impact of this.


We’d like to capture best practice and all the amazing examples of what is already going on, as well as identify willingness to set up new projects/ expand existing ones.  

The challenges posed this year by the cost-of-living crisis mean it will be more important than ever to work collaboratively to share resources, expertise and insight.

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Group files/ resources

We'll use this page to share files/ resources. This might be documents created by the group or other resources which could be useful. We'll keep adding more as our work progresses. 

Find out more about the SFPA 

The Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance is delighted to be leading this group. Watch the video to find out more about the work the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance, and other alliances around the country, have been doing to tackle food poverty. More information is also available on their website. 

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