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CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Speakers & Panel Sessions): Marches Real Food & Farming Conference

We're pleased to announce the first ever MARCHES REAL FOOD AND FARMING CONFERENCE.

SAVE THE DATE: September 15-16, 2023, at Linley Farm, Shropshire.

The aim of this conference is to bring people together around agro-ecological farming and food systems, to inspire each other, share good practice, build networks and create the community that can bring about the transition we need. As a bio-region, 'The Marches' (both sides of the England/Wales border) offers us a huge opportunity to focus our efforts.

Working from our existing connections and widening the circle, we are looking to:

  • Inform and Inspire

  • Build community

  • Generate local Action

ARE YOU: An organisation that can organise a panel session on a specific theme?

Please include in your proposal:

Theme/main focus; proposed list of speakers/panel members, contact details of panel's organiser

ARE YOU: A solo speaker? A Performer?

Please include in your proposal:

Theme and key focus; relevance to the MRFFC

ARE YOU: A hands-on teacher seeking to share your expertise through a workshop or practical session on site?

Please include in your proposal: What you will be teaching and its relevance to the MRFFC themes; practical considerations and material needs; any health and safety considerations.

Format of sessions:

We are seeking proposals across a variety of formats (max 90 mins) such as panels, presentations, workshops, practical demonstrations, performance etc. Some suggested themes (but not limited to) include:

  • Policy; Financing; ELMS

  • Water Soils

  • Seed & Food Sovereignty Biodiversity;

  • Livestock Valuing social, environmental and economic benefits/practical tools

  • Waste

  • Carbon Accounting

  • Nutrient density

  • Agroforestry/Forest Gardens

  • Biodynamic Farming; Organics

  • Marches Land Use transition; Nature recovery

  • Farmer Innovation; Market Linkages; Dynamic Procurement; Relocalisation;

  • Business Models, Value chains, Creating specific product markets (ie: wool) in the Marches

  • Food Partnerships Exchange

We welcome organisations to sponsor sessions.

We welcome recommendations for engaging speakers and practical sessions on site - Tell us who and what you would like to see!


Please send submissions to:


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