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Vegetable Picking
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Creating a local food system which is good for people, place and planet.


Our Vision is for regenerative food, farming and land-use systems.

Member of the Sustainable Food Places Network since 2022.

The Shropshire Good Food Charter sets out our vision for a more sustainable, equitable and resilient food system.

Your pledge to make changes at home, in your business or within your organisation will help drive food system change in our County.  

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As a member of the Sustainable Food Places Network, we believe "that to drive a shift towards healthier and more sustainable food requires high public awareness of food issues and widespread participation in food-related activity, by both individuals and institutions, as part of a growing movement of active food citizenship." 


Ensure everyone has access to sufficient nutritious affordable food

Build community, connecting people through food to each other and the land

Create livelihood opportunities, forging a strong local food economy

Enable environmental regeneration and a shift to net zero carbon in
food and farming 

Let's grow together:

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