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SGFP Strategic Plan

The SGFP team has just returned from our annual pilgrimage to the Oxford Real Farming Conference, once again inspired! We felt that this was the perfect time to share our newly updated Strategic Plan, which outlines our vision for a regenerative and resilient food future - one which enables people and nature to thrive.

Our times call for a paradigm shift in agriculture, from an extractive to a regenerative approach and Shropshire is a perfect place to figure out how to do this. This Strategic Plan outlines how The Partnership - The SGFP team and the more than 150 Members across the county (including businesses, organisations, institutions, councils and individuals) that we represent - aim to do this.

SGFP Strategy 2024-2025
Download PDF • 13.37MB

The summary document is also available for an overview:

SGFP Strategy 2024-2025 Summary
Download PDF • 86KB

This Strategy explains our current approach, which has come from our experience over the last two years working with members to build a good food movement. This Strategy isn't simply the work of one person, but many voices, including those who took part in our Collaboration Hub and the People's Assembly at the Marches Real Food & Farming Conference in 2023. It will continue to evolve through the collaboration of our members and shared learning.

In brief, this Strategic Plan sets out our intention and invites engagement:

Our Aims - what we want to achieve

  • Build community, connecting people through food to each other and the land

  • Ensure everyone has access to sufficient nutritious affordable food

  • Create livelihood opportunities, forging a strong local food economy

  • Enable environmental regeneration and a shift to net zero carbon in food and farming

Our Objectives - how we work

  • Convene and connect - We enable collaboration and cooperation, through shared learning, knowledge exchange and building a community of support.

  • Inform and inspire – We make visible what is going on, document and disseminate good practice and tell stories of possibility.

  • Resource and Empower– We provide access to resources and skills to support local action.

  • Vision and voice – We engage strategically from parish to county council level to support development of policy and practice for food and climate resilience.

This is a journey that will require all of us working together.

We hope that when you read on through the full strategy that you will find a place where you feel you can contribute.

Join us, and be a part of the Good Food Movement.


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