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Get Involved in Food Waste Action Week

With food waste costing the average family £700 a year, organisations across Shropshire are teaming up to ask everyone to save time and money by making the most of their food.

Katy Anderson from the Shropshire Good Food Partnership says:

“We’re proud to be supporting national Food Waste Action Week. Reducing food waste saves time, money and makes a huge difference for the planet. There are lots of simple ways to win, not bin. All week we’ll be celebrating the amazing organisations that are already tackling food waste and inviting everyone to get involved.”

You can sharpen your food saving skills with Shrewsbury Food Hub’s Taste Not Waste challenge. Ali Thomas from the Hub explains, “Did you know that one third of food produced is wasted and 70% of this food waste happens in our homes - our fridges, fruit bowls and breadbins? We’ve teamed up with chef Steve Guy AKA @_theHungryGuy, to create an easy on-line challenge crammed full of simple videos and tips on how to make the most of the food we buy and to save money – Sign up on our site here.”

In addition to being harmful to the planet and a drain on household budgets, food waste is also a cost burden to the tax payer. Shropshire Council therefore promotes and supports Food Waste Action Week and the Shropshire Master Composters who help households and communities to compost unavoidable food waste at home or in their community.

If you have time you’d like to volunteer, food redistribution organisations including Hands Together Ludlow, OsNosh and Shrewsbury Food Hub always need a hand to stop surplus food from supermarkets and food businesses from going to waste. There are also volunteer opportunities to help the environment with Shropshire Master Composters.

Contact: Katy Anderson, Reducing Food Waste Working Group co-lead 07876 703583

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