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Case Study: Tom the Apple Man - Cultivating Heritage and Diversity in a Shropshire Orchard

SGFP is running a series of case studies to showcase members of the Partnership. These vignettes will introduce our members, their businesses, journeys and how their values uphold the Good Food Movement taking place across Shropshire.

Tom Adams, AKA: 'Tom the Apple Man', is the focus of our first case study of Shropshire Producers and shares his story about species diversity and maintaining it as a commitment to our cultural heritage.

Tom will also be one of the producers that we follow throughout 2024 as a part of our celebration of 'Shropshire's Abundance' and the work our producers do through the march of the seasons.

Read the full case study of Tom Adam's Fruit Tree Nursery here:

Tom The Apple Man
Download PDF • 2.09MB


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