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Webinar Recap: Local Food Action & Strategies

Thank you to all who attended our webinar on Developing Local Food Strategies. The Slides are available below to download.

At SGFP, we view bespoke local food strategies as an essential Part of Shropshire’s Good Food Movement, and a more resilient regional food system. A part of the Partnership's role is to support the initiation and development of these strategies, so please get in touch with us at if you would like to apply for SGFP to support a facilitated food discussion in your community.

We all exist within a globalised system, which often make us feel that global issues are beyond our control (climate change, war, pandemics, corporate control, political policies and changes), despite the fact that they impact us and directly - not least through the food system and supply chain disruptions and price increases. Town and Parish Councils and local community groups have the ability to respond to local level issues and impacts more rapidly and appropriately that central governments can. Having a strategy for local level food resilience can offer a sense of empowerment and security to communities in the face of instability.

This talk explained that all communities are different and have a unique set of needs, resources, opportunities and gaps. These must be considered when making an effective local food strategy. It answers the questions of: What is a Food Strategy? What formats can local food groups take on and what are the mutually beneficial qualities between community members and the local authority when they work in partnership?

The case of Bishop's Castle was presented as an example of the first food strategy and food policy group in Shropshire county, and works as a partnership between the community and the local council. Initiatives like the Street Allotment Project, the Right to Grow motion passed by Shropshire Council in September 2022, OsNosh and several small-scale projects were highlighted as inspiration, showing the positive impact that local food projects can have.

A local food strategy can help a community and council achieve a range of sustainability and resilience goals, not least:

  • A stronger local food economy

  • Landscape and biodiversity improvements

  • Emissions reductions

  • Community connection, cohesion and reduced loneliness

  • Improved health and wellbeing

  • Local pride and beautification

If your local council or community group would like more information on how to begin this process, please get in touch with us at

View the Slides from the Webinar by downloading from the link below

SGFP Policy & Councils Dec 23
Download PDF • 9.06MB


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