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Natural Gardening Workshops with Nancy Lowe, The Natural Gardener

Growing with a Living Soil

Gardening with a living soil is the hidden key to a garden filled with abundant health. Learn how to generate thriving soil life with Natural Gardener Nancy Lowe.

The workshop – ‘Growing with a Living Soil’ - is to be held in Nancy’s home garden at Lea Cross near Pontesbury, on the 23rd May 10.00- 12.30.

Learn how to nourish your own 'wood-wide web', supporting a soil that partners with your plants to lock in carbon, reduce the impacts of both drought and flooding, grow plants that are abundantly healthy and foods that are higher in nutrients for your own health.

In this workshop, you will delve into the secret world of soil micro-organisms, learning all about what these mysterious little creatures get up to and why they are so vital to the health of your garden. By the end of the morning, you will know how to recognise a healthy, living soil, how to identify plants to use for composting and plants to avoid and you will know how to create your own live compost blends for potting and seed sowing.

23rd May 10.00-12.30, Oak House, Near Pontesbury. For more information and to book your place, visit


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