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Nancy Lowe is an organic gardener, gardening mentor and designer, with a passion for gardening with nature. Through her workshops, one-to-one sessions, wildlife gardening club and gardening sessions for volunteers, she encourages gardeners to tune in to the ecological processes going on in their gardens, supporting and enhancing natural networks, connecting up garden plants, wildflowers and edible planting with insects, birds and other garden wildlife, while grounding them all in a carefully nurtured living soil for maximum system health.

Nancy offers workshops and talks with a wildlife and ecological gardening theme. She puts into simple terms the theoretical and scientific backgrounds to her topics, while also offering plenty of practical guidance into how to put the theory into practice. She also offers tours of her home garden, a ¾ acre edible wildlife garden.

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How the SGFP hope to help

SGFP are keen to help Nancy share her experience and passion for gardening with nature – to inspire and enable others. Nancy has supported SGFP with events, workshops and general advice to members, and we’d love her to do even more of this. We’re helping Nancy source some equipment to aid educational workshops – to help her take her knowledge and expertise out to other garden venues, and also better facilitate events at her own Lea Forest garden.

Nancy recently joined us at Dorrington’s Community Garden, with a view to helping that group design and develop their communal space for educational use.

Find out more about Nancy, read her blog, sign up for her newsletter or get in touch with her via her website:

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