Nature Connection

There is a growing recognition of the importance of access to nature for everyone, people of all ages, including those who are mentally or physically challenged. Being on the land and able to engage in productive activities, or just be present with nature has multiple benefits on health and wellbeing. It also builds connection between people, their local landscape and food sources which can influence eating choices and engagement in wider environmental and place-based activities. The partnership will:



Link people who can provide land-based opportunities with service providers who work with those in need, to enable more and better green social prescribing.


Develop and share opportunities for nature connection and engagement in food production targeted at children, youth, elderly, and disadvantaged communities.



Develop innovative models for land stewardship that create public benefit, opening up access to land and nature, promoting inclusion and diversity.


Celebrate the time and care that goes into growing and producing food. Capture the stories of farmers and food producers across Shropshire, enabling people to reconnect with what they eat and value food more.