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There are many ways that you can get involved with The Shropshire Good Food Partnership, but the most important thing any of us can do is 'Take Action'.

This is why we have created the Shropshire Good Food Movement and the Shropshire Good Food Charter. Both set out simple, easy to implement actions that will move us towards a Shropshire wide sustainable food network.

What is Good Food?

We talk a lot about 'Good Food' but what does that mean in practice...

Good for PEOPLE

Everyone has access to local, affordable, quality food and the knowledge and skills to grow, buy, cook and enjoy good food.

Good for PLACE

We are connected through food to each other and the land, there is a thriving local food economy supporting jobs with fair wages and creating a regionally distinctive food culture.

Good for PLANET

Our food system enables environmental regeneration, working with nature, reducing carbon emissions, enhancing climate resilience and minimising waste and packaging.


It provides nourishment and enables people to thrive.


Everyone along the food chain has been treated well.


It is produced in a nature-positive way and not wasted.


Quality food is available to all

Get people talking

The first step towards change is to start a conversation. Organising a town hall style 'Food Assembly' is a great way to bring together interested parties in your community to begin addressing food resilience and sustainability in your area. We are here to help and can advise on how to run the meeting and connect you to others in your area.

We want to support and encourage all communities to be having discussions about food resilience and sustainability. A local food assembly could help you to:

  • Bring together the many voices of communities across Shropshire so that their visions of a better food system can be shared

  • Help the SGFP define its priorities over the next 12 months, based on what's important to communities across the county

  • Identify projects and local champions across Shropshire and see how the Partnership could support their work by making links to funding opportunities

  • Define issues, actions and desired outcomes that the Partnership could take forward as recommendations to Shropshire Council for a County-Wide Food Strategy

We are supported by a group of advisors and representatives from key sectors across the Shropshire food system.

Our current advisors include: (check if required/needed) (add in links to their profiles/organisations)

  • Jenny Rouquette (Shropshire Good Food Partnership Lead)

  • Daphne Du Cros (SGFP Coordinator, Lead on Grow Local Working Group, PhD Food Policy)

  • Katy Anderson (Shrewsbury Food Hub, Co-Lead on Waste Reduction Working Group)

  • Paul Newman (Be a Better Fish, Lead on Nature Connection Working Group)

  • Kate Garner (Shropshire Council)

  • Sophie Pagett (Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance Coordinator, Lead on Healthy Food for All Working Group)

  • Beth Health (Shropshire Festivals, Shropshire Food & Drink, Lead on Sustainable Food Economy Working Group)

  • Steven Jacobs /Jake ( Organic Farmers & Growers, Lead on Land Working Group) 

  • Ralph Early (Food Ethics Council, Harper Adams rt'd)

  • Edward Garratt (NFU Shropshire County Advisor) 

  • Rose Judeh-Elwell (Harper Adams University - Business Manager, School of Sustainable Food and Farming)

  • Russell Fox (Store Manager, Midcounties Co-Operative)

  • Jenny Hume (Chair Ludlow Food Network, Lead on Global dimension)

  • Valerie Warburton (Marches Grow Local)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SGFP Steering Group, please contact us and include which sector you represent along with a statement sharing relevant experience and food systems interests. (add in link)

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