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Organic Vegetables


Directors (Profiles below)

  • Jenny Rouquette (Founder)

  • Daphne Du Cros

  • Katy Anderson

  • Paul Newman


Advisory Group

The Steering Group includes representatives from key sectors of Shropshire’s food system and has the remit of providing leadership for the development of the network. Current membership:

  • Jenny Rouquette (Shropshire Good Food Partnership Lead)

  • Daphne Du Cros (SGFP Coordinator, Lead on Grow Local Working Group, PhD Food Policy)

  • Katy Anderson (Shrewsbury Food Hub, Co-Lead on Waste Reduction Working Group)

  • Paul Newman (Be a Better Fish, Lead on Nature Connection Working Group)

  • Emily Faye (Shropshire Council)

  • Steven Jacobs /Jake ( Organic Farmers & Growers, Lead on Land Working Group) 

  • Ralph Early (Food Ethics Council, Harper Adams rt'd)

  • Edward Garratt (NFU Shropshire County Advisor) 

  • Nigel Hill (Harper Adams University - School of Sustainable Food and Farming)

  • Russell Fox (Store Manager, Midcounties Co-Operative)

  • Rosemary Dartnall - Labour, Shropshire Council & Shrewsbury Town Council

  • Julian Dean - Green Party,  Shropshire Council & Shrewsbury Town Council

  • Ian Wykes - Team Leader: Climate Change and Sustainability, Telford and Wrekin Council

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SGFP Steering Committee, please contact us and include which sector you represent as well as your relevant experience and food system interests.

Founding Director &
Project Lead

Jenny has a background in ecology and has worked on food systems across the world, from grassroots development initiatives, to setting up a social enterprise linking farmers to markets, to promoting collaboration, innovation and learning on the issue within the charity sector.

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Daphne Du Cros

Daphne is a food policy researcher, educator, and grower. She holds a PhD in Food Policy at the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London, and a Master's in Environmental Science and Management from Ryerson University in Canada. She is the lead author of the BC Community Food Resilience Plan, and founder of the BC Community Seed Bank.

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Katy Anderson

The Shrewsbury Food Hub  stops good surplus food from going to waste and shares it with community groups in the town.  In 2020 the Hub’s volunteers redistributed 170 tonnes of food, preventing 1000 tonnes of Green House Gas emissions.  Katy is passionate about stopping climate change and fixing the food system.

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Paul Newman

Paul is a champion for social enterprise and ‘buying local’. His business, ‘Be a Better Fish’, based in Oswestry, helps create and support many local community ventures; particularly those offering local food produce, wellbeing or outdoor/nature activities. Paul is exploring and studying ‘Nature Connectedness’ to help his clients and partners make more of their green spaces. 

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