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As well as signing the Good Food Charter (link) or becoming part of the Shropshire Good Food Movement (link) there are lots of ways you can get involved with the events, projects and research undertaken us. 

All these will offer you the opportunity to work with like-minded organisations and individuals to make a real difference, supporting and growing the local food economy.

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Volunteer at our events (add in more content and anchor)

Share our news, socials and successes (add in more content and anchor)

Join our advisory group (add in more content and link to Take action page)

Hold a Food Assembly (town hall meeting - add in more content and anchor) - this needs to move to Take Action page

There's plenty of ways to get involved with various levels of commitment, but all allow you to have a voice in the direction and actions of the partnership.



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Our working groups each address a specific area of concern for the Shropshire food economy and work to create schemes, programmes and initiatives promote and support Good Food practices. 

Each working group as a lead co-ordinator and numbers of members who work together to make the changes we want to see around the county.

You can find out more about the goals and work of each working group on their pages, along with updates on what the group has achieved.

These are not just talking shops, but a support network for people who want to get things done.

Have we inspired you to join us?

Share our stuff!

It might not seem like much but by liking, commenting and sharing our social posts you are helping to spread the word about good food in Shropshire.

We post up news and updates about our working group projects, information about good food and help to promote all our charter member who have committed to grow, serve and ?? good food across Shropshire.

Share your stuff!

If you are a business or organisation that has signed the Shropshire Good Food Charter (link) then let us know your news - how can we shout about your journey to good food, what best practice skills do you have to pass on and how can you help to inspire people??

Email your news here (add link)

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Volunteer at our events

We hold regular events and conferences and are always looking for boots on the ground to help support the team. It's a great low commitment way to get involved and a brilliant opportunity to meet people and find out about the work of the Shropshire Good Food Partnership.


You can find event details details on events page (link) or you can email (add email and link in here).


We hold regular monthly 'Drop in' calls for people who are interested in our work and want to know where they can fit and share their ideas. Details of these calls are posted in advance on social (link) media and on our News/Events page. 

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