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Member of the Sustainable Food Places Network since 2022.


Creating a local food system which is Good for

people, place and planet.

The Shropshire Good Food Partnership has been formed with a vision to create a local food system that is 'good for people, place and planet'. 


We're bringing together Shropshire's most switched-on food producers, retailers and consumers to make Shropshire's food system more resilient, sustainable and fair.

We help our members make connections where ideas and support can be shared, and business grows.

SGFP has joined with the Food Partnerships of Monmouthshire, Herefordshire and Bwyd Powys Food (North & South Powys) to form the Marches Real Food & Farming Network.


The MRFFN has been organising a range of outreach events over the year to continue building relationships and extending our reach.

We are calling this event a 'Convergence' as there will be fewer formal panel sessions and more interactive spaces. 

We're now seeking your involvement to shape the event: 

  • Call for Action

  • Call for Proposals

  • Call for Sponsors

  • Call for Exhibitors

More info on the MRFFC website

This year, the Shropshire Good Food Trail runs from July 20th to August 31st, 2024!

The Shropshire Good Food Trail is all about showcasing the 
businesses and organisations across the county that GROW, MAKE, SELL and SERVE amazing food and drink.

Visit the Good Food Trail site to find out what is on, including activities, promotions and offers, tastings, farm visits, and open-doors, and more! Pick up your map and join us!
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 We're here to support your business or organisation's efforts and will help you link up with collaborators across the county to transition to a more sustainable Shropshire. Find out how you can get involved.

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SGFP is an organisation that facilitates action on a range of projects.

Join us to build the sea-change we need: for our climate, our health and our communities.

The Shropshire Good Food Trail

We're thrilled to announce the return of the Shropshire Good Food Trail running from July 20th to August 31st, 2024!

Please get in touch about Sponsorship opportunities!


SGFP wants to welcome you into the world of Good Food. 

A diverse range of events across the County and the calendar means there's something for everyone.

The Marches Real Food & Farming Network will be hosting the 2024 Food & Farming Convergence on October 4&5 at Babbinswood Farm.

 Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date. 

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Read our Food Strategy

Our Strategic Plan is shaped by our members and their feedback, and it guides how we work towards a food system that is Green, Healthy, Fair and Accessible. 

It is newly updated to show what SGFP is all about, the context of our regional food system, and how we work as a wider Partnership towards our key objectives:

  • To Convene and Connect

  • To Inform and Inspire

  • To Resource and Empower and

  • To provide the Vision and the Voice that reflects the work and values of our Partners.

Learn more about the Strategy here

Let's grow together:

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